At The Cat Cabin, anybody is welcome to pop by, order themselves a cuppa (or a bowl-a? our rice bowl dishes are spectacular), and play with our cats in a clean, fun, and welcoming environment. The worldwide phenomenon of Cat Cafes that originated in Taiwan has now arrived in Indonesia. 

Each of the cats in The Cat Cabin comes from a unique background. The majority of these furry fellas were adopted – not bought – from animal clinics/shelters or former owners who, due to various circumstances, could no longer care for them. 

The Cat Cabin holds the utmost regard for cleanliness and hygiene. Each of the cat has been vaccinated and is bathed regularly. Moreover, as much as we enjoy seeing them roam around the cafe, they are not to enter the food preparation area; the food preparation station is entirely separate from the cat area and is not accessible to cats. 


About the people:

We are a trio of twenty-something cat-people – two catmen and a catlady – who have dreamed about building Indonesia’s first cat cafe since our days in university. 

Driven by our mutual love for cats and utter foolishness for believing that this venture was achievable, we began the first stages of establishing The Cat Cabin in late 2014. This cafe is our dream coming to life, and hopefully the joy and the glee we feel for finally making it happen are contagious, so our customers can feel every bit of that joy and glee as soon as they step into The Cat Cabin. 


The Cat Cabin is one of the greatest and the most comfortable cat cafe in indonesia! In here, you can spend your time with cute cats while you can eat and drink also hang out with friends to relief stress after five days working.


I love the cat cabin because this is the best place to chill on the weekends!! 😄 so many lovable and active cats (my favs are tomo & badtz hihi). The cabin is so clean and cozy. Can't wait to have another visit here. 


The one and only cafe where anyone who loves cats shall visit. If you don't have any cat but you love them so much, just come to play and cuddle them at @thecatcabinjakarta. Great concept of a cafe and the most wanted place to kill the time..!


Korean Local Shorthair

With his dapper tuxedo and carpet-like coat, Badz definitely stands out. Named after the famous Sanrio character, Badtz Maru, this guy is super-energetic and often be seen running around chasing toys. We recommend you to scoop him up like a baby - facing you – so you can tickle his belly while looking at his face!

Gender : Male

Breed : Persian

The big fella, the king of the jungle, and definitely the easiest to spot! He’s the biggest and cuddliest kitty at The Cat Cabin. Very gentle and friendly, Tomo can be spotted perching on top of the cat tower like the royalty he is or on the floor among his pals.

Gender : Male

Breed : Persian

Always grumpy on the outside, Kimchi trots around the cabin with his signature pout. However, he is a real softie inside! He will approach humans when they bring interesting items to the cabin (it can be anything really!) and become a playful fellow. The humans often mistake him as Tomo, but once you look deep into his intense yellow eyes, you will never forget him! Spot him lounging in the corners of the cabin... or sitting on top of your magazine & books.


Gender : Female

Breed : Persian - Siamese Mix

With a Siamese dad and a Persian mom, this little princess’ appeal is absolutely universal. One look at her piercing baby blues and you are guaranteed to fall hard. Niquita is rather shy, but she is one of the cats who appreciate gentle cuddles, especially if she likes you!


Gender : Male

Breed : Persian

The sidekick of Tomo’s in their Giant Kitty Brigade, Kacang is a beautiful boy with round, expressive eyes. Kacang is also the perfect lap cat. Lift him up gently and put him on your lap for a full Kacang experience. He won’t move as long as he’s comfortable!


Gender : Female

Breed : Local Shorthair

The true definition of a lady: beautiful, graceful, and more than a little bit sassy!  We hope you approach her as you would a lady (winks). Her previous owner almost put her down, but she was saved by an animal shelter. She has come a long way;  she is now a happy and healthy little girl. 

Flavis and Giallo
Gender : Female, Male

Breed : Local Shorthair

We pair them together, even in the bios, because they are inseparable. We had the pleasure of adopting them from an animal shelter under one condition: they are not to be separated. And so here they are! The friendliest, kindest cats you will ever meet. They just love people, and they are definitely not shy to approach customers. 


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